How to spa

Following are some helpful tips to ensure your stay at Courtyard is enjoyable, memorable and relaxing.

Preparing for a service: Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your service. The front end staff will guide you to remove your shoes and wear spa slippers provided. Then you will be escorted to the waiting lounge where you would fill out required forms depending on the nature of the service. You will then be taken into our change room if necessary to change into a spa apparel and lock your stuff away. We will take you to the spa lounge where you can enjoy some refreshments provided before your therapist or technician comes to take you in for service.

What to wear / Massages & Facials:

For massages and facials, we request you to wear easy clothing and not be afraid of getting some oil on the head as we provide a very relaxing Champi head massage to relieve any day stresses. However, we will keep you draped during your facial and massage treatments and will only expose the area your therapist is working on.

What to wear /Pedicure & Manicure:

For Pedicure or Manicure treatments, we request you to wear loose clothing that can be rolled up to knees for pedicure or up to elbows if you are getting Manicure.  We provide exfoliation and very relaxing  massage up to knee and elbows during our pedicure and manicure treatment. Please bring open-toed shoes and allow one or two hours to let your polish dry completely. 

Health Concerns:

It is very important for our therapists and technicians to be aware of any health concerns you might have.  Please advise our therapists accordingly so they can customize your services and provide you with the utmost comfort and benefit.

Complementary Accommodations

Refreshments including masala chai, juices, and mineral water

Take home samples of products for trial

Spa slippers, robe, sarong and towels

Beautiful ambiance and quiet relaxing atmosphere

Please note that gratuities are graciously accepted.All prices are in Canadian dollars and

are subject to GST Prices are subject to change without notice.