COURTYARD FACIALS Renew - Nourish - Anti Aging

Advanced Facials and Peels: Renew-Nourish-Anti ageing

At Courtyard Laser Spa, facial treatments include a thorough skin analysis and personal consultation to discuss any of your skincare concerns. Each treatment is then customized accordingly as per the requirement that is best suited for your skin care needs and budget. Apart from the comprehensive facial procedure, our facial treatments also include gentle head, shoulder, décolleté, arm and hand massage.

  • Recover Touch Facial Anti-oxidant vitamin facial treatment Signature
  • $89.95

Courtyard’s signature antioxidant vitamin rich treatment provides intense moisture and relief from environmental skin stress.

  • Skin Soothe Facial
  • $129.95

This is to equalize and strengthen dry sensitive and redness prone skin types. This Treatment provides decongesting, rebalancing and protective shield to reactive skin subject to redness couperose and fragile capillaries.

  • Hydra Boost Facial
  • $129.95

This specific facial treatment is for depleted or damaged skin. It includes deep moisturizing mask to provide exceptional hydration and nourishment. This treatment is recommended in difficult weather conditions, during and after air travel.

  • Acne Relief or Acne Extraction Facial
  • $139.95

This is an intensive deep cleansing treatment with alpha-hydroxy acids(AHA), for imbalanced skins and those prone to acne. Thankfully, we provide two different types of mask to make it ideal treatment for both oily and impure skin as well as more delicate inflamed skin due to active acne.

  • Brightening Booster Facial
  • $149.95

This treatment provides an immediate freshness, vitality and luminosity due to smoothening and whitening actions of the products. Ideal for all skin types for an illuminating and revitalizing action or for somebody with uneven skin tone.

  • Age Defense Facial
  • $169.95

This extra ordinary treatment to resurface, revitalize and deeply hydrate the skin while stimulating a cellular awakening and the microcirculation of the skin.

  • Luxurious Facial
  • $189.95

This intense treatment offers the cosmetic solution for an immediate lifting effect without surgery. It has an instant effect, that gives immediate tone, compactness and radiance to the face, while at the same bestowing a powerful anti-ageing action.

Enhancements to any Facial treatment Lip-Eye-Neck & Decollete

  • Lip Blooming
  • $19.95

Extra care and beauty for lips and lip contour due the synergy of rose and fruit extracts visibly reduces wrinkles, replenishes and re-plumps the lips.

  • Eye Rescue Treatment
  • $29.95

To provide a profound nourishing and firming effect to these delicate areas. Reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles, the skin appears more elastic with renewed smoothness.

  • Luxurious Neck & Decollete
  • $39.95

This luxurious treatment can be added to any facial treatment to enhance the experience. This brightens the neck and decollete area smooth and firmer appearance and evens out the skin tones with the facial skin. A must add recommendation to any facial.