Epilations (Waxing/Threading)
Threading is the ancient art of hair removal traditionally used in India, it provides a gentler, more accurate alternative to waxing and plucking and is used to define and shape eyebrows creating overall facial balance and enhancement. Threading is suitable for all skin types and the technique is also used to remove unwanted facial hair in the following areas Brows, Upper lip, Chin, Sides, Full Face.
At courtyard Day Spa we provide a calming approach to depilation. Our Soft Sense Mineral Wax from Comfort Zone is an innovative and delicate wax for traditional and instrumental epilation. It prevents skin stress and hydrates the follicles after hair removal; this method will diminish any future in growing hair to surface as well as encourage any repeat hairs to come back softer and less obvious. Waxing is used to remove unwanted facial and body hair. Our post techno-epilation expert oil is an effective remedy against redness and irritation and a perfect complement to the epilation in order to enhance the result and reduce any problem
Eyes tell so much about a person so why not extenuate them by trying our gentle eye tinting treatments. Results are outstanding and last up to 6-12 weeks depending on the individual’s hair type and lifestyle. This treatment is carried out in following areas:
Eyebrows $19.95
Eyelashes $24.95
Eyebrows & Eyelashes Combo $34.95
Epilations (Waxing/Threading)
This is a delicate waxing treatment that prevents skin stress with its extremely gentle formulation, water lily extracts, sweet almond oil soothes and moisturizes, slows hair re-growth.:
Full Leg with Bikini $74.95
Full Legs $54.95
Half Legs Upper $39.95
Half Legs Lower $34.95
Bikini $24.95 & up
Brazilian $59.95 & up
Arms $34.95 & up
Half Arms $19.95
Under Arms $19.95
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